When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.....” ok close your eyes and listen to the music with mama and papa in the background yelling to get the food to the table! Ok you can’t read so open your eyes. This is the feeling you get when you walk into Sicily’s, it’s more than 18 years of hard work and customer loyalty. It was only 30 years ago when the family migrated over to the US for a better life and one thing in mind, provide The Best Food at the most Affordable Price! With 25 years of kitchen experience combined with 15 years of management, the Original owners really have a grasp for what locals ask for when they order Chicken Cappucino, one of the signature dishes invented in this location. Go ahead, we dare you to come and try us out. We say ‘dare’ because you won’t be visiting any other Italian or Pizza shop as long as we stay open.

The Owners:
From a war torn country to American Freedom, the owners at Sicily’s really know what it is to come from nothing. From raising the kids with peanut butter and jelly to being the most popular Italian Restaurant in a city of 100,000, this family really knows how to pay back the community and support local charities. Over the years they have won numerous awards from Lions Club to Citizens of the year, the owners are humble and appreciative and look out for their neighbors best interest.

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